At Sfera’s we are working hard to keep our staff and clients safe…

  • We have put in place COVID safe plans for all of our bar/restaurant/function spaces and public space areas
  • We have put in place extra regular cleaning and sanitising of our facilities
  • We are ensuring social distancing practices and contact tracing of all guests
  • We have are increased our filter cleaning to provide optimum ventilation in our venue
  • We have placed Sanitising stations in all main restaurant/bars/function and reception areas
  • We are asking our clients to use contact less forms of payment
  • We are providing face masks for our clients on request
  • We  insist that you do not enter our venue if you are unwell
  • Government Required Compliant Venue wide QR CODE contact tracing in use

    To find out more call 8397 8600  or  email: